Underwater Surface Caustics

Procedural Shader


New Depth-Caustics Shader & Asset Library Support!

This new update introduces a new "Depth Caustics" shader, which allows you to bring 3D Depth to your caustics, from just a single plane!This shader also comes with new "Wave" animation settings, which allow you to simulate wave deformations across the surface!More to come soon!(This works in Eevee & Cycles)

Bring Your Sea'ns to Life!

Perfect for Pools, Oceans, Lakes, Rivers, or anything abstract you can dream up!
Check out the free demo today, or the full Pro version, if you're really ready to dive in!
Runs flawlessly in both Eevee and Cycles, and pairs amazingly well with the Real-Time Caustics feature from it's parent addon, Shaders Plus!

Treasure Chest scene included with Pro

Stunning Results

No need to fuss with all the settings to get good results; you'll get stunning results right out of the gate!Click the video for sound!

Render by - Carlos Fernandez Puertolas @chapu_art

Ultimate Control

Control the look over the Tint, Shape, Exposure, Animation, Worbility, and even realistic Dispersion!

A render of Poliwag, using the Underwater Caustics Shader. Render by Luis Miguel Maldonado

User Friendly

The controls and settings have been finely tuned so that you can tweak the look to however your little wet heart desires, and you'll always get great results!

Render by Luis Miguel Maldonado

Light Projection

Not only is this a mesh shader, but also a light projecting one!Plug the Pro node group into your spotlight, to cast breathtaking caustics over your entire scene!

Try before you buy!

Lite vs. Pro

You can try this shader today for absolutely free, with the Lite tier!It gives you the basic functionality of scale, color, and intensity, so you get your feet wet before you really dive in with the Pro settings!

Check out the parent addon!

Shaders Plus

Shaders Plus adds...Real-Time Caustics
Dispersion &
Physically Accurate Thin-Film
effects to Blender!

Having already been used by DreamWorks Animators, Music Video Directors, and more, it is certain to bring you the Industry Standard power even the Pros expect, at an affordable price!

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